06 April 2012

Review: Wahaca, Westfield Stratford City (London)

It was a Sunday night and what better way to end the weekend than a trip for Mexican food and the cinema?

Where we went: Wahaca, Stratford City for "mexican market eating"

What we ate:
Kate - Black Bean Tostadas, MSC Fish Tacos
Hayley - British Steak, the Mexican way, served with green rice
Shared 'Street Food' - Queso Fundido (cactus)

What we drank:
Kate - The Barragan (tequila, grapefruit, lime, lemonade, mint)
Hayley - Hibiscus Mojito (tequila, mint, lime, hibiscus)

Sunday 6pm, we were seated in the pit area.  Quirky choice of furniture for Wahaca, as essentially one of us was seated on the floor with only a cushioned pad to, well, cushion us.
We were served by our 'personal' waitress, who was slightly rushed off her feet.  We ordered our cocktails from the more refreshing selection of drinks.  When they arrived, we weren't disappointed.  They were easy on the eyes with some fresh flavours (and perhaps a little too easy to drink). We like a lot of ice, so for our tastes these were perfect.
Fish Tacos

The great cocktails were a little overshadowed by the fact that we had to wait another 30 minutes before we could order our food.  If we weren't that hungry before, then we were certainly hungry now...and possibly a bit tipsy.  At least we had time to choose.

Cactus Fondue
The food arrived at the same time so there was a slight atmosphere of competitive eating at the table immediately. The cactus fondue with caramelised onion and cheese, was our something different choice of dish.  The cactus was pretty non-descript to be honest, and unfortunately it wasn't very melted!
The steak was cooked medium, but some parts were a bit too red for my personal taste, but the right amount of spice.
British Steak 'The Mexican Way'
The fish tacos were yummy and came with rice and coleslaw. We're real coleslaw lovers but it just didn't live up to our expectations! The tostadas however were fresh and tangy and Kate would have been happy just eating these!
Black Bean Tostadas

All in all, the Wahaca experience was satisfactory.  The food was average.  The drinks were delicious.  The service could have been better.

Overall Egg Rating:

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