15 July 2012

Review: Pescheria Mattiucci

Unusual Decor
Londoners looking for some of the freshest Mediterranean seafood in the city need look no further than Pescheria Mattiucci, the one and only fish boutique, the new fishmonger with a contemporary twist recently opened in the heart of Notting Hill. Run by brothers, Luigi and Gennaro Mattiucci, Pescheria Mattiucci promises to bring to London the same quality fish and gourmet Italian delicacies that they have been providing to Neapolitans at their fishmonger in Naples for many years. Luigi and Gennaro know their fish - everything is line-caught and sourced with skill in the seas around southern Italy. Each catch is transported from the fishermen's boats in Sicily, Naples and Sardinia to Notting Hill in less than 12 hours, ensuring that you can have the catch of the day on your plate for dinner that day.

Ecclectic Furnishing
We stumbled upon Pescheria Mattiucci trying to get out of the torrential July rain plaguing London this weekend. The home ware shop next door recommended their coffee and the fish counter in the window and eclectic decor enticed us in.

The menu consisted of a selection of Crudo (the Sicilian version of sashimi),
small tapas-like cooked dishes and larger plates such as soup.

As a group we enjoyed a selection of the smaller dishes including octopus deep fried in spicy oil and served with fried potato, mussels with risotto and calamari with black rice. I also tried the lobster bisque which was rich and creamy and also contained lentils.

Lobster Bisque
As a side dish we had mashed potato and aubergines which arrived very late and were a little cold unfortunately. One of our party ordered a soup which was not ready an hour into the meal which was a little disappointing as it had to be skipped. A basket of bread also appeared with a couple of dips; spicy tomato and basil and braised shallots seasoned with lots of vinegar which were great.

For pudding we were served traditional sicilian Cassata, a very rich and sweet cake made with ricotta which gives it a cheesecake texture and a rum baba.

Gennaro the co-owner was very attentive and friendly although the service was a little slow and haphazard. I would like to return here in the evening when the restaurant is a little fuller, but I would certainly recommend Pescheria Mattiucci for anyone looking for an Italian restaurant that is a little out of the ordinary.

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